NYR/EDM 12/31 Review: Oil Spill in Rangerstown; Rangers Show Up Fashionably Late in Edmonton, Panarin Racks While Georgiev Cracks, DQ & Terrible Officiating Cost The Blueshirts, Stinknevich Gets Scared, Micheletti, Paul Newman & More From The Final Game of 2019

While David Quinn had every right to go bonkers, in the Rangers 7-5 loss to Edmonton, on New Year’s Eve, David Quinn’s reaction to the piss-poor officials didn’t help the Rangers cause. And yes, I know this photoshop is freaking horrible. However, after a game like this, I can’t be bothered!

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com. Welcome to the “Roaring Twenties”, a phrase I’m sure we’ll hear about 47582847528758472805740237 times in the next few weeks. It’s now 2020 as I write these words. 1990 was 30 years ago. Isn’t that amazing Suzyn?

And speaking of the 1990’s, how did we, as a society, go from pushing the envelope, where we would say “It’s the 90’s”, to justify anything, to this soft crybaby censored nonsense we see today? This fake outrage nation, has crippled the exchange of free ideas and opinions. Everything has been neutered. You can’t say anything anymore, without the risk of being made out to be a pariah & an outcast. Liberalism and millennials have poisoned this nation.

In the final game of 2019 and of the decade, the Rangers were defeated by the Edmonton Oilers, by a final score of 7-5. While the score suggests a close and hard-fought game, this game was anything but that. The Rangers were down 6-0 in this game, with 30 seconds remaining in the second period. A late second period Chris Kreider goal and a sleepwalking third period Edmonton team, would help instill hope in a Rangers comeback victory, but a Rangers victory wasn’t meant to be tonight.

For the first 39 minutes and 30 seconds of this game, the Rangers couldn’t do anything right. They couldn’t finish chances. They gave up a ton of breakaways and odd-man rushes. They let the Oilers screen and tip/deflect pucks at will. If the Oilers dominance wasn’t enough of an uphill battle to conquer, the referees made sure to stomp out the Rangers chances of winning this game. Put it this way – the Rangers had one power-play in this game, while the Oilers had six. The majority of the penalties called against the Rangers were of the fugazi kind, as I’ll get into below.

I don’t know what’s been the worst officiated Rangers game of the season. When you think about it, it’s either that game with Nashville, where intentional elbows to the head were a two minute minor, while Brendan Lemieux playing hockey was a 10 minute misconduct, or this game tonight.

In the Nashville game, where the officiating was downright atrocious, the big issue was Ryan Ellis getting away with intentionally trying to give Buchnevich a concussion. In this game with the Oilers, the refs were all over the place. There were many phantom penalties called in this game, penalties so phantom, that the M$G Network cameras couldn’t even find some of the infractions called.

I don’t like wasting time blaming the officials for losses, but this game was terribly called.

It’s tough to play the “what if” game. You just don’t know how things will or would play out. Just because “A” led to “B”, if “A” doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean that “B” and “C” would’ve happened, if you get my drift. Of course, I’m talking about the Rangers scoring five straight goals in this game.

What I can tell you here, is that the Rangers, down 3-0 in the first period, were fighting and trying to make a comeback. However, when you call 14 minutes worth of penalties on the Rangers in the second period, it’s tough to make that comeback, when you’re a man down for the majority of the period.

The turning point of this game, was in the second period. With the Rangers trying to mount a comeback, the Rangers looked like they were going to go on the power-play, after Tony DeAngelo was slashed by Ryan Nugent Hopkins. Instead, Ryan Strome got a double-minor for a high-stick. The M$G Network cameras couldn’t find Strome committing this infraction. They also couldn’t find an Oiler bleeding either. What should’ve been a Rangers power-play turned into an Oilers power-play.

Right after this, in what should’ve either been a no call or off-setting penalties, Ryan Lindgren got two extra minutes after a physical quarrel with Jujhar Khaira. Of course, the Oilers then scored after this perplexing call, making the game 4-0.

NY Rangers head coach, in David Quinn, was absolutely incensed about the fugazi call. Quinn went on the mother of all Father Fink rants, dropping the f-bomb repeatedly and calling the referee a “Father Finkin’ jerkoff.” Quinn then took a bench minor here for his rant. This then led to another Oiler PPG, giving the Oilers a 5-0 lead.

Quinn wanted to pull an OJ on these horrible refs tonight.

Again, while I know you can’t play the what if game, what I 100% can say is this – if the bullshit call against Ryan Lindgren never happens, then David Quinn doesn’t go batshit, thus getting a two minute bench minor penalty himself. The Oilers got two PPG’s off of these calls, goals that would ultimately be needed for them to secure their win.

The Oilers would make the game 6-0, before Chris Kreider scored late into the second period. In the third period, the Rangers would add four more goals, making the game 6-5 and having a chance at a comeback. This is where the “what if” game comes into play here.

What if the officials called this game fairly and what if the officials did their job correctly? Would the Rangers win this game? Who knows?

I’ll say this – the Rangers did make a game of this late, and it was 6-5 before Kailer Yamamoto scored an empty net goal with just over a minute left in regulation, to make the game 7-5. That said, in the third period, I thought the Oilers were just trying to skate out the clock and were in celebration mode. If this was a one goal or even two goal game, I don’t think the Oilers would’ve been as loose, thus creating chances for the Rangers to score.

You needed a lot of booze to watch the first two periods of this game.

While the referees certainly swung the game in the second period; prior to the terrible officiating, the Rangers really had no one else to blame but themselves. The first period was an unadulterated shit show. The Rangers were down 3-0 quick. Ironically, the Oilers had only scored three goals in their last two games, but the Rangers did their best to help get the Oilers off the schneid.

This game felt like the Rangers decided to make a fashionably late appearance. However, in the NHL, teams play sixty minute games, not twenty minute games. Watching this game in the first two periods, you just felt like the Rangers were checked out and deciding where to go for their New Year’s Eve party. The Rangers then crashed this party late, scored a few goals and then hit the road for the next party. Not a recipe for success.

I think a big topic after this game, will be how the Rangers fought back and made it a one goal game late. However, again, I don’t think this happens if the Oilers didn’t give up and if they didn’t play the Rangers loose in the third period. It felt like the Oilers didn’t want to rub it in and allowed the Rangers some pity chances, pity chances the Rangers did capitalize on.

I caught some of the post-game and the Rangers, and Quinn himself, were focused on the five straight goals they scored in this game. However, to think this is an accomplishment is just burying your head in the sand. Do these guys really think they would’ve scored these goals if the game wasn’t already decided? Sure, the Rangers almost had a chance to tie it, but with the game on the line, the Oilers buckled down and finished the Rangers off with ease.

After two impressive wins over Carolina and Toronto, the Rangers need to figure out what the hell happened in this game. The Oilers are good, but that doesn’t excuse the Rangers for playing the first 40 minutes of this game with their head in the clouds. It’s one thing to fight hard and lose to a better team, it’s another thing to come out and get your ass kicked.

Even weirder, despite two days off, there were long periods of time in this game, where this Rangers team looked like they had the legs of Lieutenant Dan from the movie “Forest Gump”. So while the Rangers may try to spin some positivity over their five straight goals, they really should be looking at why they came out like crap in the first period. It cost them way before the officials decided to effect the outcome.

Can Panarin break Jagr’s point record this season? Photo Credit: Getty Images

I know it’s a New Year, the time for resolutions and positivity, so if you’re looking for anything positive from this game, you can once again look at Artemi Panarin. In tonight’s 7-5 loss, Panarin had a four point game, scoring a goal and picking up three assists. In his first game after being announced as an All-Star, once again, Panarin shone the brightest for the Rangers.

I did a long blog on Panarin and his All-Star selection last night. In case you missed that blog, or any of my most recent blogs, check out below:

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Going with the theme of positivity, how about yours truly with a brand new “DEANGELO LEMIEUX 2020” shirt? And for the detractors of this blog (thanks for the free publicity and site traffic) how about these four goalies that have had better careers than Henrik Lundqvist? Of course, I’m talking about Dave Kerr (1938 Time Magazine), Chuck Rayner (Autographed photo from 1950), Mike Richter (signed jersey) and of course, the legendary CAM F’N TALBOT!

For a better look at the DeAngelo Lemieux 2020 shirt, check out the following tweet that I sent out today:

As we continue this power of positivity theme right now, let’s go to the GAMBLING segment of the blog. This is what I said before the game:

With 12 goals scored, this game easily hit the over. My over-under record now improves to 21-17-1 on the season. Granted, this is not the way I wanted to win this bet, but a win is a win.

At around 11:42PM, and the Rangers trailing 6-5, I said I wouldn’t have another drink for the rest of the year, had the Rangers won this game. Sadly, at 11:59PM, I finished off another Bud tall-boy!

That now concludes the positivity theme. Back to this game tonight.

Line-up wise tonight, we pretty much had the same lines as last game, except with Brendan Smith replacing Micheal Haley. Here were the lines:

FIRST LINE: Kreider/Zibanejad/Stinknevich

SECOND LINE: Panarin/Strome/Fast

THIRD LINE: Chytil/Kakko/Howden

FOURTH LINE: Smith/McKegg/Fogarty

Defensively, we had this:

FIRST PAIR: Lindgren/Fox (who opened up the game)

SECOND PAIR: Skjei/Trouba

THIRD PAIR: Staal/DeAngelo

In goal, was Alexandar Georgiev. Let’s talk about him now.

We always hear about how Lundqvist is Georgiev’s mentor. Looked that way tonight. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Well folks, it finally happened. Alexandar Georgiev cracked like Henrik Lundqvist tonight. While Georgiev wasn’t rolling around, humping the ice, doing the “fish-out-of-water” act or hanging out in the second tier thus leaving his net empty, Georgiev did have a meltdown in this game.

Here’s Georgiev, once the Oilers made the game 6-0:


For the second time in his career, Georgiev cracked like Lundqvist and had a nuclear meltdown. The only other time I can remember this happening, was last season, in the third game of the season, when Georgiev went bat shit nuts during a game against Carolina. I can remember this vividly, because I was at that game in Raleigh, with the hard-working TEN O’CLOCK TOMMY.

It’s tough to praise a goalie when they give up a touchdown in a game, but once again, as I’ve been saying all season, I 100% agreed again with Joe Micheletti. It was hard to blame Georgiev for all of these goals allowed.

I’ve been critical of Micheletti in the past, and while I think that criticism was warranted, I must admit, Micheletti has been good, if not great this season. He’s been on point and really, has not only done his job, but has done a great job of covering up for Rosen too.

Real quick on Micheletti, in case you’re new here, as I’ve gotten a ton of new readers, made up of new fans of this blog, and some soft crybaby millennials, looking to see if I’ll mention them. I think Micheletti has been great this season. Micheletti has had to carry Sam Rosen all season. Micheletti has even dialed down his never ending fawning of Lundqvist this season too. I also think that Micheletti has been a good analyst, when breaking down plays and in the next breath, making a seamless transition when correcting Rosen, for seeing something that didn’t happen.

Put it this way, just like the California road-trip, the M$G studio guys had the night off. In their steed, was Joe Micheletti & Sam Rosen, along with John Giannone, working the game.

Joe Micheletti was a breath of fresh air during the pregame, intermission and post-game segments. Instead of listening to Valiquette yammer on about useless bullshit, Micheletti actually broke down every play and the goals allowed.

Often during the M$G Network studio segments, Valiquette, after rattling off some useless stats, which are generated through the eye of the beholder, Vally will then go into his Henny Youngman act, where none of his jokes are funny. Usually, he’ll make a joke to Giannone and then we’ll see only Vally laughing. While Micheletti’s strong suit isn’t humor, I thought he did a strong job of breaking down this game throughout, just like he did when tasked with that job in the Vegas and California games.

It’s tough to say Georgiev had a great game tonight, as 6 goals allowed will suggest otherwise. The Rangers ineptness in the first period, combined with terrible officiating, led to his demise in net tonight.

When you look at the six Oiler goals in this game, the first one came off a bad defensive play. Then, the Oilers scored two more goals, one of which was a PPG, after screening and tipping a puck past Georgiev. Micheletti called out Lindgren for not staying with his man/moving his man away from Georgiev or trying to block a shot. What happened? Lindgren was then benched, and logged 9:53 of ice time, which was the shortest amount of time on ice, for any Rangers defenseman in this game.

The Oilers would then score their two power-play goals, which I already discussed. None of these goals allowed were soft.

On the sixth and final goal, which led to Georgiev blowing up, the Rangers turned the puck over and Josh Archibald beat Georgiev on an uncontested and clean shot. That would be Georgiev’s night, as the back-up goalie, in Henrik Lundqvist, would come in for mop-up duty.

Statistically, this was a horrible game for Georgiev, but he did make some great saves in this game, saves that will all be forgotten. It’s tough to praise the goalie with a game like this, but he never had a chance. To Micheletti’s credit, Micheletti, who used to be the number 1 Lundqvist cheerleader before Valiquette wrestled that title away from him, called out every goal for what it was. Micheletti even said you couldn’t blame Georgiev for any of the goals allowed. That’s not something you would’ve heard from Vally this season, or even from Micheletti himself, just a year ago.

After the game, David Quinn absolved Georgiev of all blame and blamed the defensive work, or lack thereof, by the team and the officials.

And because we have to go through this same song and dance every time – I rather see Georgiev take his lumps with this team than Lundqvist. Not going to rehash all this again, as I’ve done many blogs on this before. Simply put, Georgiev is $8M less, 15 years younger and can be Shestyorkin’s partner in net one day. Lundqvist just serves no purpose to the rebuild.

And hey, with Georgiev looking bad statistically, maybe I’ll get my wish and this game will prevent a trade! Let’s smile about that:

Photo Credit: Dr. Seuss

This is going way too long for a game that was horrible!

Let’s go to the official box score, courtesy of ESPN.com:






ESPN messed up here. While it may have felt like ten Oiler PP chances, they only had six.


24 6 18 .750 12 0 6 0 0 35:18 0
6 0 6 1.000 6 0 0 0 0 24:18 0


33 5 28 .848 24 2 2 0 0 60:00 0
A few blogs ago, I said the Rangers needed to take 8 points in their first five games, after the Christmas break, in order to make a playoff push. With this loss tonight, I think the Rangers must win in Calgary and Vancouver, to stay in the thick of things.

Of note – with this game starting late, this being New Year’s Day and with 12 total goals, I’m going to skip grabbing all the videos of the goals tonight. If you want to see them, check out NHL.com. I just don’t have the energy or time to find a dozen goals!

After a decent pregame show, another pregame show that featured Igor Shestyorkin (M$G is getting ready for him folks) we finally had puck drop. Going into this game, I had my buddy TEN O’CLOCK TOMMY over, and we were pumped. We had a few drinks before the game and we were looking forward to Rangers hockey. Of course, 11 seconds into this game, the Oilers made it 1-0 bad guys.

Upon puck drop, the Oilers won the faceoff, rushed towards Georgiev and Oscar Klefbom dished the puck to James Neal, who was all alone in front of Georgiev. 1-0, just like that.

In what’s been common place, after a goal allowed, Georgiev remained cool, calm and collected and would make two robbery saves. The game could’ve been 3-0 in the first minute. While the Oilers would get there, Georgiev held them off for a while. This is also why Georgiev’s meltdown later in the game, was kind of big, as you rarely see that from him.

90 seconds into the period, Sam Gagner tripped Kakko. This would put the Rangers on their first and only power-play of the game. As noted, Edmonton would have six power-plays tonight. In the lone Oiler PK of the game, the Oilers made short work of the Rangers PP, holding them off the board.

In one of the Rangers best chances of tying the game up, Edmonton goalie, the 6’7″ Mikko Koskinen, would stop a Fast to Howden two-on-one attempt.

And oh, speaking of Koskinen, what a terrible game for me as a fan tonight! Here we have Georgiev, who got pummeled tonight. On the other end of the ice, we had Mikko Koskinen, whose play last season forced Cam Talbot out of Oil Nation, shutting down the Rangers. SAD! (That said, Koskinen’s contract is horrible and I still don’t know how then Oiler GM, in Peter Chiarelli, was allowed to give that deal out. As you may know, Chiarelli was fired right after giving that contract to Koskinen.)

In a creepy moment, John Giannone started talking about the “darn long legs” of Koskinen. Giannone sounded very “Buffalo Billish” to me.

At 8:38 into the period, after some good goaltending from both sides, Brett Howden would go to the box for tripping. Eight seconds later, after winning another faceoff, James Neal screened Georgiev and tipped in a shot from Ryan Nugent Hopkins. Brutal. 2-0 bad guys, after this Oilers PPG. Rangers PK was now 0-1 here.

The Rangers, who looked absolutely disjointed in this period, couldn’t do anything right. The Oilers just had their way with them.

Less than three minutes after the Neal goal, the Oilers would score their third goal of the game, in the same exact fashion as they scored their second goal. Ryan Nugent Hopkins screened Georgiev and then tipped in a shot from Jujhar Khaira. 3-0 bad guys and we still had 8:47 remaining in the first period. NOT GOOD.

It doesn’t matter how Lundqvist or Georgiev are doing. This guy will get his crack soon.

Once the Oilers made this 3-0, David Quinn took his timeout. The Rangers had to settle this game down. Instead, the Oilers would take the puck and hold onto it for a minute plus, as they peppered Georgiev with shots. The Rangers couldn’t clear the puck. Luckily, the score didn’t go 4-0 here.

I’ve had it with Stinknevich

As this first period progressed, Pavel Buchnevich was once again horrible. While he’s done this before, his fear of being hit hurt the Rangers tonight. Buchnevich once again led the team in turnovers tonight, and the root of it in this game, was after he took a hit. I can’t remember which Oiler hit him, but it was just a clean hockey play. It wasn’t a dirty hit or anything like that.

After Buchnevich felt contact, for the remainder of the game, anytime he had the puck and had the inkling that any Oiler was near, Buchnevich either turned the puck over, made a pass to nowhere or quickly dumped the puck. While not as bad or as egregious in previous games, such as the last game with Toronto, Buchnevich continued to refuse to shoot the puck, rather opting to make a pass to nothing.

I don’t care what you may think here, but I much rather Jimmy Vesey on this team than Stinknevich. I know what Vesey’s stats are, but I think he would’ve fit in better with what Quinn is trying to preach with this team.

The Rangers, who need to free money to re-sign guys like Lemieux, DeAngelo & Strome in 2020-2021, if they can’t get out of Lundqvist & Staal’s contracts, the first two players they should look to move are Brady Skjei and Stinknevich. Shit, even if the Rangers can get out of Lundqvist’s deal, I’d still move those two! I rather see K’Andre Miller or Yegor Rykov get a crack at Skjei’s spot. I much rather see Vinni Lettieri, even if he may only be a 4A player, than Stinknevich. At least Lettieri shoots the puck!

The rest of the period remained scoreless. 3-0 BAD GUYS, after one period. This was one of the worst Ranger periods of the season.

We saw a lot of resting Quinn bitch face tonight.

The second period was an absolute terror. I don’t know if the Rangers would’ve won this game or not, as the circumstances would’ve been different, but the refs did everything they could to Father Fink the Rangers here.

In a 3-0 game, the Rangers would have a good shot of cutting the deficit by two. However, Adam Fox somehow airmailed a puck, when one foot away from Koskinen. After another Stinknevich turnover, Ryan Strome would have a shot at a goal, but Koskinen made a great save off a Strome tip-in opportunity.

At the 5:20 mark of the period, things got wacky. Originally, Hopkins was called for a slashing penalty on DeAngelo. That penalty was then thrown away. Instead, Ryan Strome was called for a double-minor, four minutes for high-sticking. I can’t tell you if this happened or not – the M$G Networks didn’t have a replay of this penalty. And I don’t think the M$G Networks were hiding anything here either. Nothing happened. The cameras panned the Oilers bench. Not one of them were bleeding, so how in the hell does Strome get four minutes here?

Once this penalty on Strome was called, David Quinn went nuts. However the best/worst was yet to come.

After killing the penalty on Strome, Stinknevich, who was also serving as part of the double-minor, came out of the box. He had a great look at Koskinen. Instead of shooting, he made a pass to nowhere. Turnover. Bench him.

Remember a few blogs ago, how I talked about how David Quinn can be two-faced and talk out both sides of his mouth? Remember how Quinn said the Rangers would never take another “too many men on the ice” penalty this season and then right after saying that, the Rangers would take that very penalty in the next game? I know I remember! I’m like this guy:

Photo Credit: “Family Guy”

At the 8:31 mark of the period, the Rangers took another one of those “too many men on the ice” penalties, a penalty that Quinn said, if it ever happens again, it’s on him. Well the Rangers had seven men on the ice here, so I guess Quinn is doubly at fault here.

On this latest Oilers power-play, the Rangers would kill it. That was two straight kills in a row for the Rangers.

At the 12:31 mark of the period, this is when the refs decided to insert their johnson’s into the Rangers ass without a condom.

Jujhar Khaira got cute with Georgiev. Defending Georgiev was Ryan Lindgren. These two then got into a shoving match, something YOU SEE IN EVERY HOCKEY GAME EVER. Usually in these situations, we see no penalties called. When you do see penalties called in these situations, usually both players get off-setting penalties and there is no loss of man power.

In this situation, these god-awful referees decided to give Lindgren an extra two minutes, thus giving the Oilers another penalty, in addition to giving the Rangers the never-ending trip to the penalty box. Micheletti was going nuts here and he was right. This was horseshit.

Here was Quinn’s reaction to this call:


On the Oilers power-play, Leon Draisaitl would score. Nothing Georgiev could do here. 4-0 bad guys. The Oilers got a goal off a bullshit call. This is when David Quinn went bonkers:



David Quinn was 100% right here. The refs were brutal and it cost the Rangers. Again, you can’t do the what if game, but if this goal isn’t scored, then what happened next doesn’t happen and maybe the Rangers do come back and win this game.

After Quinn’s outburst, the refs penalized Quinn for his abrasive language. You see, everyone is offended by everything these days, so you when you get screwed, you’re supposed to sit there, be quiet and take it.

Listen, I agree with Quinn. Sometimes you got to fight back. Unfortunately, Quinn has no power in these situations and the refs put it up the Rangers poop chute again. The Oilers got another power-play and they would then get another power-play goal, just seconds into their power-play.

Just like the first goal of the game, the Oilers won the draw, the Rangers played their “El Matador” defense and James Neal charged right in. 5-0 bad guys. A hat trick for James Neal. To say Quinn was incensed here, well that would be an understatement.

With under five minutes to go in the period, the Rangers turned the puck over again. 6-0 bad guys and this is when Georgiev had his meltdown. After a TV timeout, Quinn pulled Georgiev for Lundqvist. After Georgiev’s meltdown, I get it. For the first time this season, Georgiev was rattled. He had to go.

The refs, not satisfied here, then called Chytil for hooking, with less than three minutes in the period. Lundqvist would make a good save, preventing an Oilers PPG.

With 25 seconds left in the period, Artemi Panarin found Chris Kreider, cross ice, for a goal. 6-1, bad guys.

In a disgusting and brutal period, marred by bad officiating, at the end of 40 minutes, Oilers 6 – Rangers 1.

Led by Panarin, the Rangers almost tied the game in the third period. Perhaps with an extra minute or two, the Rangers would’ve. However a shitty first period, followed by the inept refs in the second period, put the Rangers in a state of peril.

At 6-1 and on New Year’s Eve, if you stuck with this game, you deserve a star of the game too. At least you got a thrill. I’m sure at this point in the game, many fans that were watching this game, tapped out.

The third period was dominated by the Rangers, which again, I think had to do with the lead. The Oilers, like a football team up by 30, didn’t play much defense and they didn’t look to pour it on. I think the Oilers had something like 4 shots on goal during the period too, with one of those shots being the empty net goal.

In a game that I continued to watch with Ten O’Clock Tommy, where admittedly, it was tough to pay attention to the game, Panarin, who was at the blue line, tossed the puck deep to Adam Fox. Fox swished the puck over to Ryan Strome. 6-2 bad guys, 4:38 into the period. Live, I thought whoop-de-do. After all, the over had already hit!

With under nine minutes to play, Panarin got the puck to Strome again. Strome put the puck on net, and upon replay, we saw that Marc Staal tipped the puck in. (It originally looked like a Strome goal.) 6-3 bad guys. I wasn’t creeping up to the edge of my seat just yet, but I was 30 seconds later, when Artemi Panarin absolutely sniped a hell of a shot past Koskinen. 6-4 BAD GUYS, and with a little over 7 minutes remaining. Things were officially interesting!

Oh and I’ve talked about Strome a lot the few nights, so just refer to my last three blogs for more. However, once again, here’s Strome and Panarin showing off their chemistry. The two lead the team in points this season. They also led the team in points in this game too. And morons want Strome off this team.

Can you believe that the chart geeks are still trying to bury Strome? Strome could cure cancer and create peace in the Middle East, and these losers would find something to whine about.

After this Panarin 6-4 goal, the Rangers kept pressing. Adam Fox was tripped. No call. Hilarious.

With 3:45 remaining, Tony DeMAGAngelo set up Mika Zibanejad. 6-5 bad guys. WOW. Holy shit.

Of course, right after this Zibanejad goal, Sam Rosen started ripping off stats about every big Rangers comeback in history. Jinxed. The Rangers hadn’t even tied the game yet and Rosen was already talking about comebacks.

After pulling Lundqvist, the Rangers didn’t shoot, turnover and Yamamoto for the empty net goal. 7-5. I’m telling you, the second Sam Rosen started talking comebacks, I ripped my proverbial ticket on this game, like the guys in “Bronx Tale” with Mush:

Image result for bronx tale mush ripped ticket

7-5, your final from Edmonton.

It’s getting late and I already wrote too much about this terrible game. While yes, you can blame the refs partially for the loss, the Rangers couldn’t get out the gate correctly and they were behind the eight ball all game. Give Edmonton credit for wanting this win more.

And for the first time this season, doing this blog tonight felt like a job, and not like a hobby. Losses like this will do that to you, especially a game with a late EST start on a holiday! If I didn’t have this blog, I probably would’ve flipped the game off in the second period and went on either a “Twilight Zone” or Paul Newman movie marathon.

Totally unrelated, but since I asked this question on Twitter and got a ton of different feedback, I’ll pose the question here. Not using the movie “Slap Shot” what do you think is the best Paul Newman movie ever? I gotta go with “The Sting” here. Honorable mention, “Nobody’s Fool”, a movie late into Newman’s career, which also deserves mention.

Oh and this Paul Newman stuff, at least for this blog, started because I was tagged in a Twitter thread, in a conversation about the greatest actor ever. I went with Paul Newman, because not only were his movies great – he was such a philanthropist and did so much good with his fame. To this day, his name and charities still generate revenue for the less fortunate.

Feel free to sound off in the comments, about your favorite Paul Newman movie ever. After this game tonight, I rather talk about Paul Newman’s career than this game!

Up next. Photo Credit: NYR

Since Igor Shestyorkin is not an option, in the next Rangers game, which takes place this Thursday in Calgary, I would go with Grampa Lundqvist. Georgiev needs a timeout after tonight.

I’ll be back Thursday night. However, if this game is 6-0 in the second period, I may ditch the game and go watch “Cool Hand Luke” or “The Hustler” again!

Happy New Year and thanks for your continued readership.

As always, win or lose…


Sean McCaffrey


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47 thoughts on “NYR/EDM 12/31 Review: Oil Spill in Rangerstown; Rangers Show Up Fashionably Late in Edmonton, Panarin Racks While Georgiev Cracks, DQ & Terrible Officiating Cost The Blueshirts, Stinknevich Gets Scared, Micheletti, Paul Newman & More From The Final Game of 2019

  1. Paul Newman……Cool Hand Luke, The Verdict, The Hustler, Hud are all very good…..but the best one of all is Slap Shot!!!!…….obviously……..is there a prize Sean?…… because I think I just won

    Luckily I missed this game

    1. I said to disregard Slap Shot lol. That’s the obvious answer for hockey fans.

      Hud was realy good. I mean they all are really. I don’t know at the time, but today, I think the Hustler would be a run of the mill movie, like “Pool Hall Junkies”. Newman made that.

      I have to see Verdict still.

    1. I have to see Fort Apache. It’s on my list with the Verdict. I’ve seen everything else post 1989 and of course, all the classics.

      1. You got me going I watched Fort Apache last night……..it is true to that era……..that area of the Bronx was literally like that then

  2. You are slipping Sean……on a hockey fanatic blog you are asking for the greatest Paul Newman movie and you forgot that Paul Newman literally made the greatest and funniest Hockey movie of all time?

    Slap Shot!!!


    heh I got you brother…..I win!

    They satirized it a lot but minor league hockey during the late 60’s and 70’s “goon era” was literally that bad and whoever wrote that script really knew hockey…the pro game was almost as bad…..constant bench clearing brawls….hell even the thing about “putting on the foil” was legit………goons started taping up there hands like boxers until it was banned in every league.

    1. I did say to omit Slap Shot. Who is slipping now lol

      The person who wrote the script used her brother’s experiences from minor league hockey. You ever read the book from the Hanson brother? I read it so long ago, that I’ll have to reread it to do a book blog review of it.

  3. I watch Slap Shot every year……..right before the playoffs start…….either to gear myself up for a Ranger run……or to lament that we are out of the playoffs

    I have probably watched Slap Shot 50 times…….it NEVER gets old, especially if you are from that era and followed the game back then……………..crude as hell but funny for sure……..and I literally cannot think of another really good Hockey movie


    1. That’s one of my favorites too.

      It’s funny you mention the crudeness.

      I forget the actors name, but the guy who was the most profane guy in the movie, the guy with the angry face, hated that movie in the later years of his life. He wish he wasn’t so obscene in it lol.

  4. Paul Newman must have done a lot of work learning to skate so as to look reasonably credible on the ice because I don’t think hockey or skating was in his previous background

    1. I’ve read and watched a bunch of docs on Newman. The guy threw himself into a role like no other. Just look at his movies – learned how to shoot, play pool, ride horses, etc. Plus, he also had to learn accents and all that. For my money, coupled in with all the philanthropy he did, best of all time.

      1. Willie Mosconi the great pool player said that Gleason they did not have to teach anything to about pool…….apparently Jackie led a charmed life and had been hustling at pool since he was a kid.

        Pool is easy to make look very convincing if a pro sets up elaborate looking shots………then its just a matter of hitting the cue ball right

      1. I still have to see “The Verdict”. That movie and “Fort Apache Bronx” is on my list.

        I didn’t count Road to Perdition, because while I know Newman got top billing, that movie was more Hanks & the kid than anything else. Good movie though, even if I felt it got too artsy-fartsy at times. I think there’s something like 6 lines of dialogue in the final 25 minutes.

  5. Buchnevich

    I want to give him one more year because I have seen it so many times over the years…..guys come into the league and they struggle…..then boom they hit 25 and they start to excel……I mean look at Strome!……..and Strome is no bumber pool bumper for Panrin to knock goals in off………I see him excelling…….making great plays himself……..and no way Lettieri has the skill set or the potential upside of Buch……..could happen but I doubt you on that one…………but yea I would rather see him in rather then Haley or Kegger

    Hell I am not even ready to give up on Sean Day just yet and he is in the ECHL now…..because he is big and he can skate……players can settle down…….become more serious….get a gal pal……or significant other to keep PC!!!……….get married….have kids….and change…become more confident…….and sometimes it does not happen until they are 25 or so…..especially with defensemen………..Marchand…….another example……..Marty St Louis etc

    1. I don’t know if Lettieri could be better than Buch, I rather just see a guy shoot. Could also send a message to Buch.

      Have you followed Ty Ronning at all? Seems like he bounces back and forth between AHL and ECHL.

      An Islander reporter I know, while of course, crediting Panarin, also says Strome has found his maturity, which is what you’re saying here too.

      1. Ty Ronning like Sean Day has been up and down between Hartford and Maine……………these other guys like Lias and Kravtsov need to realize there are 20 guys in Maine dying to just get to Hartford and hopefully progress from there………100’s of guys in the ECHL hoping to just get a shot at the AHL

      2. The guy I am hoping see mature is Sean Day……he is in the ECHL now and it does not look good for him but I wont give up on him till he is 25….one of the Rangers better long shot draft choices…….because he can skate……….I think the rest may be attitude problems and maturity level………but guys can change…..guy at 25 is not always the same guy he was at 21………..and I know 2 big shutdown physical D men that are mobile and can skate could put the Ranger team over the top………..a Kevin Lowe and a Buekeboom paired with Tony D and Fox

        I mean we are seeing this with Strome………..sometimes a guy only makes the big leap at 25……26 even in hockey…….Kreider could be another……………we know these guys on the team love Kreidsdale…..you see it watching the games….he does have his team mates on his side………I say resign him……name him Captain and lets see what happens

  6. I am usually a let the boys play and dont blame the officials type fan……..but yea this year there seems to be some weird officiating……….A two handed whack to Zbad’s neck……….and here coming back from a neck injury……..no call……….Lemiuex even looks at a guy sideways and its a 10 and a game misconduct…………….Lemiuex will be the most penalized player for the least amount of actual infractions if this keeps up


    1. Did you see the Winter Classic? Perry kicked out of the game and will be suspended, ironically for an elbow on Ellis. Can’t make this up!

      1. That was SNL…….SCTV was a rival show to the original SNL and was better in my opinion………..SNL could be a little too mean to me……..while SCTV was more good natured fun

  7. Here is a funny SCTV clip and hockey related……………believe it or not Pro players actually wore these crazy polyester suits in the 60’s!!

  8. Ok not to get too far out here but Panarin reminds of early Gretzky………Bobby Orr………..if you have a line on early Gretzky games let me know…………its like Panarin is starting to bend games to his will….he never lets up….and he is nearly always the best player on the ice………..our Valeri Kharmalov……..too early to call I know but a Jagr in his prime………as you say Panarin is the best FA signing in Ranger history


  9. To get to the next level………a captainship for Kreider might work…………because Zib and Panarin dont need a captianship because they are already doing great on their own…….and face it these guys love Kreider……….you see it every game…….and I doubt anyone on the team would resent it

  10. Sean
    I know you like hockey history……….but it is almost impossible to explain a Bobby Orr or a Wayne Gretzky to a young hockey fan………it took like 5 years into their careers before the rest of NHL even knew how to play against them…………Bobby Orr used to kill entire 2 minute penalties by HIMSELF………take the puck and just keep it on his stick……..he was that good…….Gretzky used to set up behind the net……..and you were thinking…….why the hell cant anyone stop this frigging guy???

    Orr was as tough as nails because everyone in the league was looking to challenge him……..take his head off…….and this was the Slap Shot “goon era”

  11. Sean

    The Lias and Kravtsob whing on BSB………I mean Lias I will give some slack to because I feel he has a good work ethic……….but Kravtsob?………I mean look around kid you are playing with one of best KHL players………Shesty…….who knows the drill…….knows the score……..and is willing to bide his time in Hartford to get his shot at proving himself in the greatest most challenging hockey league in the entire world…..the NHL……probably enjoining it too because he is doing so well there……..so who are you Lias and Kravtsov?

    and Georgy deserves his shot at the big time

    a Kharlamov level player tries to give Kravtosb the drill…….Panarin…….and the BSB cry babies are saying…….this will ruin him for life……..hell and the kid never struggled in the NHL or even even played in a big mens tournament Internationally

    They dont just know anything about hockey……..they dont know life itself……….and its all projected fantasy stats, and wishful thinking……….charting

    I never like to give up on young players but Lias and Kravtsob?,,,,,,,,,,,, just package them up and trade them………maybe we will regret later……………..but you cant have that attitude…….many many great players toughed out playing in the minors so cant you?

    and Lias really kicked himself in the ass……..because he will just go to another minor league affiliate team

  12. Sean
    I am kind taking over the comments section of your hockey blog………..I wish you had some kind of edit feature so I could do it in all one post!


    I dont post on BSB……..because no way I want get in a fight over hockey opinions…….that is way too retarded…..I am too old for that

    1. I don’t know how the comments section works, because I rarely use it. I need to do more with it and promote it. Most of my feedback comes on email or twitter. I didn’t realize this doesn’t have an edit section. I’ll see what’s up with that. 99% of the stuff I get is on email. No joke, I have about 100 different email chains going with readers! I don’t read BSB, waste of my time. I just read the news reporters. I like Derek Felix’s blog and I’m a big podcast guy. I love Blueshirt Underground Radio for fan opinion too.

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