BCBS For 8/20: The Saga of Tony DeAngelo on Social Media Continues; Challenges A Twitter Troll To a Fight, (And That’s Just One of Three TDA Twitter Stories From This Week), Why Tony DeAngelo Needs To Stay Away From Social Media Right Now, In-Depth “Watch Your Tone” Podcast Recap; TDA Comments On His Future with NYR, Politics Ruining Sports & Athletes Who Are “Openly Republican”, Latest on Lafreniere, See Ya Carolina, NHL Teams Moving On To The Second Round; What It Means For NYR & More

While I remain a fan of Tony DeAngelo, his right to express his opinions, his tweets and his “Watch Your Tone” podcast, TDA’s tweets & podcast may hurt his future earnings. It’s a tough pill to swallow for the fiery & opinionated TDA, but social media & podcasts aren’t helping him right now.

Greetings and salutations everyone and welcome to another blog here on BlueCollarBlueShirts.com.

As I write these words to you tonight, while eagerly anticipating the Alexis Lafreniere era to begin, I wonder if Tony DeAngelo’s days with the Rangers are nearing an end. And let me say this before you continue to read along here – I’m a fan of Tony DeAngelo and I want Tony DeAngelo to remain a New York Ranger. However, as these summer days continue to wind down, I’m not as confident as I once was, concerning DeAngelo’s future as a New York Ranger.

Tonight’s blog will mostly feature commentary on Tony DeAngelo. I’ll also have a detailed recap of his latest “Watch Your Tone” podcast episode as well. Elsewhere in tonight’s blog, I’ll have a few quick thoughts about the first round of the NHL playoffs. In addition, I have some light New York Rangers news and notes for you too.

However, as usual, before motoring ahead, and there’s a lot of stuff tonight to motor through – the PLUGS segment of the blog!

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All season long, I’ve been championing the great work and play of Tony DeAngelo. Hell, I even have his jersey. I tell you this again, because I want you to know that I’m a fan of TDA as you read this blog. In no way, shape or form am I trying to disparage Tony DeAngelo here. I wish him the best.

If you’re a regular reader here, I don’t have to sell you on my fandom of Tony DeAngelo. I’ve been singing his praises all season on this site. For newer readers of this site, three days after this pandemic, back on March 17th of this year and without knowing what the future was for the Rangers or the NHL, I wrote this blog, where I campaigned for the Rangers to show Tony DeAngelo the money: http://bluecollarblueshirts.com/31720/

Tony DeAngelo is in line to sign a contract that sets him up for life. Only his social media accounts can prevent his maximum potential earnings.

If you get anything out of what I’m saying here, it’s this – I AM NOT A TONY DEANGELO HATER. Far from it. I’m a big fan of his. I appreciate the great season he had, where he had the best offensive season of any Rangers defensemen since the days of Brian Leetch. I’m well aware that he was fourth among all NHL defenseman this season in total points. From what I know and from what I read & see, I know he’s a great guy and well-liked by his teammates in that Rangers locker-room. Away from the ice, I’m aware of his charitable efforts, whether it be his donations to essential workers during this pandemic, his work with the Wounded Warrior Project and his other charitable endeavors.

Furthermore, I’m 100% aware, and as I’ve said about 756675567567857 times on this site, that even if Tony DeAngelo ended this pandemic & returned the world to a state of normal, ended homelessness, created peace in the Middle East, cured cancer and brought our deceased grandparents & pets back to life, there will always be a sect of Ranger fans that will always hate him. As talked about a billion times before, for some deranged Ranger fans, they will always hate Tony DeAngelo, just because he’s an American that supports our sitting President.

Again, this is all stuff I’ve talked about before. I’ve even told you, as recent of my last few blogs, that I’m sick of talking about Tony DeAngelo’s off-the-ice stuff. And I’m not talking about his podcast here, as I actually do enjoy his podcast. What I’m specifically talking about here, is whenever Tony DeAngelo rattles the cages of his haters on social media. And he does so quite often. However, in the same vein, DeAngelo also allows himself to get sucked into the absurdness of social media, something he can ill-afford to do.

I admit, my photoshop skills suck. However, I used this picture to headline a past blog on this site, where I talked about how some people will never give Tony DeAngelo any credit for his on-ice stuff, just because he makes his opinions on politics known. (However, for the few rare NHLer’s that openly support liberal politics? Those players are celebrated as heroes! That’s the world we live in today. ORANGE MAN BAD!)

In a blog that I just wrote a week ago, which you can read by clicking here, I wrote about 2500 words, advising Tony DeAngelo to stop responding to these hating trolls on social media; trolls that no matter what DeAngelo does, will never stop hating on him. And again, as I’ve said tonight, I also said in that blog that I’m sick of talking about DeAngelo & whatever goes on with him, regarding these sub-human haters of his on Twitter.

However, news is news, and once again Tony DeAngelo, because of his tweets, rather than the great season he had, once again made the news for all the wrong reasons on Tuesday, August 19th. The man just can’t ignore these basement bozos that dedicate their lives to trolling Tony DeAngelo and his family.

In a way, you have to commend these vile creatures that spend all day harassing and bullying Tony DeAngelo, because in Tony DeAngelo, these barnacles on a boat’s ass have found a big fish that will always take the bait. If you’re going to troll someone, I guess it’s worth finding someone who will always respond to all of the bullshit. If only DeAngelo realized that if he didn’t sell for any of this crap, these people would move on to someone who would. (Again, I advise you to check out this blog for more on this: https://bluecollarblueshirts.com/81320/)

As I’ll get into, we’re only two days into this current week and Tony DeAngelo is once again involved in multiple feuds with absolute “lou-sers” on social media. I just don’t get it – why is this soon-to-be future multi-millionaire, wasting his time with morons who don’t have two nickels to scrape together? Tony DeAngelo has everything to lose by getting involved in these petty online bouts, while his haters try to gain “social media brownie points”, from the loony left-leaning hockey fans.

And I know I’ve said on these blogs that I hate talking politics, but really, this is where all the DeAngelo hate & social media battles stem from – TDA opinions on politics, opinions that his haters feel that he shouldn’t be entitled to. The party of tolerance people – everything must be accepted unless you have a differing opinion!

As talked about last month, this picture of Tony DeAngelo wearing a “TRUMP” golf hat, nearly took off the finger-prints of his haters on social media. These people spent all day and night burying the guy over playing golf and the hat he wore while playing. Photo Credit: @TRUMPGOLF

It always amazes me, (which is why I use the word “loony” when describing these extreme liberals) that these deranged sycophants will preach all this anti-bullying stuff on their Twitter accounts and will go balls-to-the-wall on #BELLLETSTALK day (a hashtag designed to create awareness about mental health) but in their next 97566756756756785 social media postings, will bully Tony DeAngelo & his family all day long. What is their goal here? To get DeAngelo to leave the Rangers? To bully DeAngelo so bad, that he commits suicide? Really, what is the end game here?

If you don’t like DeAngelo’s opinions on politics, that’s fine. But to continue to attack his family & DeAngelo over supporting the American President? What is wrong with these losers? Are they pumping some sort of toxic gas into these basement troll lairs? I could see this non-stop harassment of TDA if he was a pedo, a terrorist or something sick and unforgivable like that, but TDA is none of that crap. He’s just a hockey player, who happens to be “openly Republican.”

Furthermore, it’s also ironic how the people attacking DeAngelo, for being “openly Republican”, are also the same people that champion the NHL when they support openly gay people on “Pride Night”. All the doors are open for people of all sexual orientations and backgrounds, but to these same people, the door must be slammed on anyone who has political opinions that are not theirs. It’s why the world is so messed up today – no can sit down and talk anymore, and that statement applies prior to the Age of ‘Rona. There is no exchange of open ideas and debate anymore. From the left, it’s just “YOU’RE WRONG! YOU’RE AN (Insert random -ist here!)”

And don’t get my words twisted here either – I don’t care who you bang, who you like, who you sleep with, what porn you watch, what attracts you; providing the stuff and people you’re into are adults and of legal consent. However, here in 2020, your thoughts on politics can now bring you the same amount of hate (at least on social media) that people with non-traditional sex lives wrongly used to get. The whole political stuff has gotten so warped in America, that you have people basically doing their version of the “Salem Witch Trials”, when trying to figure out what celebrity is now the most disgusting and most dreaded word in society today – “Republican.”

When you look at it, where did all this mass hysteria begin, where we are now at the climax of this craziness? Social media. Prior to social media, you didn’t know who everyone you’ve ever known in life stands politically. That said here, I’m getting off the subject a bit with this tangent. Let’s get back to DeAngelo.

In another one of my usual talking points, I don’t care if Tony DeAngelo supports Trump or not. He could denounce Trump tomorrow, paint BLM marxist murals and sing the praises of AOC from the roof-tops. All I care about is if he makes the Rangers better. And don’t let that fact get in the way – he does make the Rangers better. Photo Credit: Aaron Davis

Let me let out a huge “uuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhh” before continuing, as in “ugh, I hate talking about this crap.”

On Monday, Tony DeAngelo and his brother Lou DeAngelo, while both using the @WatchYourTone4 Twitter account, the Twitter account that Tony DeAngelo & his brother Lou share, which is used to promote their “Watch Your Tone” podcast, were involved in two silly wars with members of the NYR media. When I did my blog Monday night, I didn’t even bring this crap up, because that’s what it is – crap. And again, as mentioned, I’m sick of writing about TDA and Twitter.

It’s also worth mentioning here, that even if at times it’s Brother Lou using the “Watch Your Tone” Twitter account, it’s Tony’s name and face on the banner. While TDA might not write some of the stuff on that Twitter account, it’s his reputation and name on the advertising.

In one Twitter exchange, Tony & Lou got involved with LoHud reporter Vince Mercogliano and Vince’s recent article where he had Tony DeAngelo being traded all over the league. I mean, I’m surprised Vince wasn’t advocating for a DeAngelo trade to Mars for a Martian to be named later. And if TDA didn’t tweet out “MARTIAN LIVES MATTER”, there would be people in the Rangers fan base attacking him for being an “Earthist” and against Martians.

In another Twitter exchange, Tony & Lou got involved with Shayna from The Athletic. According to foo-foo charts made by Shayna, she determined that Alexis Lafreniere could be a great hockey player. Lou & Tony, like myself, felt that you didn’t need charts to figure out that Lafreniere has a high ceiling and great potential to succeed in the NHL. However, because it’s the brothers DeAngelo, this meant that Tony & Lou were SEXIST and MISOGYNISTIC! Ironically, the same fans going after the DeAngelo brothers for their tweets with Vince Mercogliano, were the same fans going after the DeAngelo’s for their tweets about Shayna’s stuff. However, the stuff with Mercogliano was ignored by these people, when throwing all of their -ism’s at the DeAngelo’s for their opinions on Shayna’s work.

If you get anything out of that above paragraph it’s this – TDA and Brother Lou don’t care who they interact with. If they see bullshit, they call it out, no matter who writes it.

Again, refer to my blog from just a week ago – Tony DeAngelo needs to lay off on Twitter. Even if he needs to have brother Lou go bonkers, let it just be Lou. Tony needs to stay away from all this toxic bullshit.

I didn’t think I had to lay this all out here, but let just give you two quick stories here, before getting back to Tony DeAngelo.

Ex-Washington Capital, Brendan Leipsic. Photo Credit: Getty Images

On May 8th of this year, Brendan Leipsic, now formerly of the Washington Capitals, was released by the team after a group conversation between he and his friends leaked to the public. You can read the full story here: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/sports/capitals-player-leipsic-to-be-cut-after-online-comments/2297244/

In short, Leipsic was joking around with his friends, as most friends do in private. However, his friend’s Instagram account was hacked and all of Leipsic’s jokes that he was making with his friends were now available for public consumption. In turn, the Caps released him.

Leipsic wasn’t the first person in sports, or really in any profession in general, to lose their job over past comments or private comments that were leaked. We’ve had basketball announcers fired for saying “All Lives Matter”. We’ve seen the entertainment industry take down names. Unless you’re a horn-tooting liberal from day one of your life, you’re not safe. In addition, with a majority of the public cooped up at home, this gives people more time to try to take down anyone that’s not liberal.

CANCEL CULTURE is after everyone. You even have people trying to be offended and as they look to take people down no matter what. And when these people can’t find anything? They’ll just make stuff up about you anyway. (I’m still looking for the black player that Tony DeAngelo played with in 2014, you know the player that Tony allegedly made a racial slur about. Of course, while some people adhere to the “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” principle, the fact is there was no black player on DeAngelo’s Sarnia team from that time. However, that doesn’t stop people from making up stuff that TDA supposedly said.)

What am I getting at here? While I doubt TDA is stupid enough to say anything that will have him canceled, like with what happened with baseball announcer Thom Brennaman tonight, all it takes is one little incident with some jerkoff fan, to take him down. As we saw on Tuesday, TDA is see-sawing on that line, even if he’s not wrong and was goaded into snapping.

I was a day one fan of “THE DUKE”. In fact, one of the first blogs I ever did on this site, six years ago, was about my hopes for Anthony Duclair to be a Rangers success story. While Duclair had a great season this year, he’s now four teams removed from the Rangers. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Two years ago, I attended a “Blue Shirt Underground” viewing party. At the party, when watching the game (I’m totally blanking on what game it was) I was drinking a few adult beverages with Ron Duguay. I can’t remember if Anthony Duclair was on the opposing team or not, or if he did something to garner “M$G 150” highlight reel treatment, but whatever the case, there I was with Ron Duguay, talking about a then 22 year old Anthony Duclair, an Anthony Duclair who was with his third franchise in a span of under 3.5 years.

When Duclair was first traded by the Rangers, I heard commentaries from NHL insiders that Duclair was hard to get along with and had attitude problems. Fast-forward to today, Anthony Duclair, who isn’t even 25 years old yet, has now worn five different jerseys in his NHL career.

When I asked Duguay what did he think about all of Duclair’s problems, Duguay said there has to be some sort of attitude or “away-from-the-game” thing that is holding Duclair back from sticking with one team. Duguay said he’s seen this stuff before – when young players get traded a lot, it usually means something is not clicking and in the majority of the cases, the topic of attitude is brought up.

When you look at Tony DeAngelo, like his fellow “Tony”, in Tony Duclair, (I know no one calls Anthony Duclair “Tony”, but just go with it!) DeAngelo is also 24 years old. In his young NHL career, he’s now been with three franchises and he may be looking at a fourth, come this off-season. Some have questioned Tony DeAngelo’s maturity. I’m out-right saying it – while Tony DeAngelo is a great hockey player, all of this Twitter shit, if it continues, is going to cost him money and perhaps a new locale to boot.

Whereas Duclair, like most hockey players, is fairly quiet on social media, that hasn’t prevented Duclair from acquiring more jerseys for his collection. For DeAngelo, in this cancel culture and everything has to be liberal world, all of this Twitter sewage may put him into a competition with Duclair for most NHL sweaters in a closet.

I will close this comparison by saying this – I’ve never heard a teammate of TDA’s question DeAngelo once. It’s these liberal losers on Twitter that seem hellbent on trying to take DeAngelo down and DeAngelo is allowing these people to drag him down to their level – the basement level where these people call home.

While I enjoy Tony DeAngelo’s dismantling of his Twitter trolls, optically and professionally, it makes him look bad. If DeAngelo was retired, and these people couldn’t effect his money, I would say go “all in!” (Think Aubrey Huff here.) However, with Tony looking to sign at least one, if not two, huge multi-year and multi-million dollar deals in his career, he can’t get into these Twitter pugilist battles with these porto-potty people.

This all brings us to Tuesday. After having another silly battle with Rangers scribe Vince Mercogliano, where DeAngelo defended the virtue and name of Brett Howden, DeAngelo picked a battle that he could never win.

And real quick, on the Howden/DeAngelo/Mercogliano stuff, when it comes to defending teammates, no one comes to the defense of their teammates faster than Tony DeAngelo. Whether it’s Lemieux, Strome, Howden, Miller or anyone else, TDA is always there to take out his Twitter fly-swatter on these bugs.

As mentioned repeatedly on this blog and on past blogs, there’s a large group of Ranger fans that will smack-talk TDA 24/7. I’m not going to run down all of this again, as all you have to do is type “Tony DeAngelo” into the search box on Twitter and you will be subjected to all of this gross and disgusting made-up shit about TDA.

One loony liberal, a liberal that has been going after DeAngelo since day one, even challenging TDA to fights prior to this, calling him every -ist in the book, going after his family and saying all other types of deranged stuff about DeAngelo, finally got his wish – DeAngelo took the bait. Even worse, this “Lou-natic”, prior to this incident and even after this incident, was bragging to anyone who would listen, how he was trying to bait DeAngelo and get him canceled. I hate to say it, but in this round, the troll won, as he got TDA to sell for this garbage.

Here’s what happened:

I hate to give this story any type of burn at all, but it’s a story and you can’t ignore it, even if the person goading DeAngelo went into this with the intention of taking DeAngelo down. It’s just up to DeAngelo to ignore this crap.

As you can see from the image above, DeAngelo got sucked into a stupid Twitter flame war. DeAngelo, while not out-right saying “put ’em up”, basically challenged his stalker to a fight outside of M$G. Again, I hate talking about TDA’s Twitter, but this is a real story, and a story that could hurt his future earnings. At the very least, for anyone questioning DeAngelo’s maturity, well they were given all the ammo they needed here.

For what it’s worth, after getting into this back-and-forth exchange, where DeAngelo hinted at beating up this lou-ser, hours later, DeAngelo deleted all of these tweets. He immediately was called out for deleting these tweets, with some fans wondering if his agent or the Rangers told TDA to take that shit down. TDA said he took it down himself, but really, the damage was done. Even right now, 12 hours after the fact, “DeAngelo Fight” is trending on Twitter. With not much going on in Rangerstown, USA right now, at least not until the NHL Draft; any stupid exchange DeAngelo gets into on Twitter will immediately go viral and it will garner headlines.

Worth noting here – after stating that the “Watch Your Tone” podcast was “cancel culture proof” and how they wouldn’t cower in fear about their opinions, Tony DeAngelo & crew have deleted these tweets with this moronic fan. They’ve also deleted their tweets about analytics with Shayna of The Athletic. Again, not good optics for TDA & crew here, and I say that as a fan of TDA & his podcast.

This is a win-win for DeAngelo’s troll, who shocker – has been trolling me ever since I made my opinions on the Lundqvist contract be publicly known. It’s what this troll does. If you don’t agree with any of his opinions, you’re all the -ist’s and everything else derogatory that this guy can come up with.

(And let’s face it, I’ve been right, as everything I’ve ever predicted about Lundqvist’s contract, goalies in the NHL, the salary cap and everything else I’ve said on this subject have been proven true with time.) However, unlike TDA, I don’t care what people who don’t effect my life say about me. In addition, I’m not in the same position as DeAngelo either, even if I wanted to engage in this nonsense. (Life is too short to give these people your time of day. With all the death I’ve seen recently, I believe in that statement moreso than ever. Why waste time with people that will never change their preconcieved notions about you? There are better things to do with your time on this planet!)

When I say I’m not in the same position as DeAngelo, I mean this – no one is lining up to give me millions of dollars! (That said, if anyone wants to pay me millions of dollars, feel free to contact me!)

Not only did this troll get DeAngelo to sink to his level, but in the event DeAngelo does meet up with this guy and does kick his ass next season; by that point in time, whether it’s with the Rangers or elsewhere, Tony DeAngelo will be a multi-millionaire. With these tweets saved by all of DeAngelo’s haters, if DeAngelo ever does wipe the floor with this guy, this troll and his lawyer now have “intent” with these tweets.

(And for the record, I don’t think DeAngelo is stupid enough to start kicking the shit out of his trolls in the middle of the streets, but I also thought DeAngelo would be smart enough not to get involved on social media with these morons with a huge pending deal coming up.)

As I said two blogs ago – Tony DeAngelo has everything to lose here. Getting involved with these people only can hurt him. He has nothing to gain by fighting with these people on social media. He needs to take satisfaction in having the last laugh, a laugh he can have once he signs his new mega-deal.

Like Tony DeAngelo, since Ryan Strome also supports Donald Trump, he gets a ton of flak on Twitter from these ogres. However, Strome is smart enough to not get into the sludge with these shit stains. DeAngelo needs to follow his buddy’s lead. Photo Credit: NYR

As I’ve been saying all along, I get why Tony DeAngelo is all riled up. I understand that he’s 24 years old and reading people attacking him and his family all day and all night long must get to him. I can see him reading these troll tweets and just sitting there, with his hands shaking and smoke coming out of his ears. However, like his peers, as tough as it may be, he has to ignore it. DeAngelo has bigger fish to fry, he can’t be swimming with these small amoebas. I get DeAngelo feeling that he wants to right all of these wrongs, but this is a battle he can’t win. What he can do, is show up all of these mooks, by posting a link to whatever huge deal he signs this off-season. That’s the ultimate revenge.

It might not be to the level of satisfaction that TDA wants, but he must allow himself to realize that he is soon to be set up financially for life, while the people trolling him have parents that are always embarrassed when asked, “what’s your son or daughter up to these days?” I doubt these parents say, “well my darling child got a few likes on Twitter by trolling a famous hockey player!”

Some people, as kids, say, “when I grow up, I want to be rich and famous.” However, no kid grows up saying, “when I grow up, I want to be rich and famous and trolled relentlessly online.” Unfortunately, for TDA, and for any celebrity, no matter what level of fame they have, they will always be subjected to this bullshit. While some fans don’t realize these players are human too, DeAngelo needs to have a super-human effort here, and not get involved with this BS anymore.

If anything, rather than get into the Twitter trenches himself, maybe TDA can hire Tina Forte to defend him. After all, providing TDA can avoid these Twitter battles in the future, he’ll soon have stupid money to play with.

I wouldn’t mind hearing Tina Forte cut some profanity laced promos on these NYR loony liberal Twitter Trolls! If you’re not familiar with her work, look her up on Twitter @TinaForte7 . Photo Credit: Tina Forte

In closing on this TDA story, I also think Brother Lou DeAngelo needs to realize he’s not helping his brother’s cause either. I understand standing up for your family, but people now know who Lou DeAngelo is. I don’t blame Lou at all for sticking up for his brother, but everything Lou says is being used against Tony. If Lou wants to drop gloves on Twitter, do it under a burner account or something. By getting involved with these peons on Twitter, he’s just putting gas on the fire. And if Lou doesn’t want to use a burner, at least wait until after Tony signs his new deal!

For DeAngelo’s sake, I hope he’s able to show some restraint. If his haters didn’t know it before, they sure as hell know now – it’s easy to rile up DeAngelo. People are going to continue to gun for him, until he shows them that he can’t be hooked anymore. Once it’s proven that DeAngelo won’t sell for this crap anymore, these people (who all look like they know a thing or two about deleting a hard drive) they’ll move onto someone else.

This now brings me to the second half of this blog featuring mostly talk on Tony DeAngelo – the latest episode of the “Watch Your Tone” podcast.

“Watch Your Tone” is back. Photo Credit: @WatchYourTone4

I want to say this once for the record, before getting into the recap of the latest episode of “Watch Your Tone”.

I really enjoy this podcast. To date, I think it’s the only podcast to feature an active NHLer. As mentioned on past blogs, I listen to a lot of podcasts, whether it’s in the car, at home, doing laundry, taking a shower, pushing poo or even as background fodder while watching games.

To me, “Watch Your Tone” is kind of like John Scott’s “Dropping the Gloves” podcast. While Scott is retired, just like Scott, Tony DeAngelo has his buddies on and they just shoot the shit, with sports being the main topic. For Scott, and for other ex-NHLer’s with a podcast, the podcast is a secondary source of supplementary income.

However, unlike John Scott, when I listen to “Watch Your Tone” and see all the stuff on social media, I don’t see what Tony DeAngelo gains by doing this. All this podcast does is open himself up for people to question him. And it’s little things, such as talking about gambling. While TDA is clear that he doesn’t bet on sports, all it takes is one slip-up or one idiot to try to run with that idea.

If anything, when I listen to and follow “Watch Your Tone” on social media, I get the impression that this is Tony doing his brother Lou a favor. Whether it’s the non-stop pushing of T-Shirts for a podcast that’s only seven episodes in or just giving Lou a platform; for Tony DeAngelo, the hockey player, this seems like something he’s doing to help put a few bucks in his brother’s pockets than anything else. I just don’t see the financial incentive for Tony DeAngelo to do this. After all, he’s soon set to be paid for life. The podcast can wait until his retirement.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy this podcast. However, if Tony is looking to put some cash in his brother’s bank account, I think the brothers would be better off served with Lou DeAngelo running an online store for Tony, where Tony could sell game-used equipment/sticks, signed memorabilia, autographs, and other sorts of merch. I think the podcast, like Tony’s Twitter, may one day lead Tony into another controversy that he doesn’t need. After all, in today’s episode, Tony allowed himself to talk about his upcoming future, whether it’s with the Rangers or not. Tony doesn’t need to be showing his hand here and it’s certainly not something his agent wants him to discuss publicly.

Again, I’m not hating, I’m stating my opinion here. That’s all. And I do enjoy the show, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have a recap of every episode on this site for you!

And like Robert Deniro said at the end of “Casino”, “that’s that.”

I hope to wear this jersey in future seasons. Please Tony – no more Twitter bullshit!

To listen to the latest episode of “Watch Your Tone”, click the link below:

As usual, the podcast starts off with some “New York, New York”, by Frank Sinatra.

Tony DeAngelo opens up the show, welcoming everyone to the podcast. TDA then introduces us to his co-hosts, who are his brother Lou DeAngelo and his buddy Aaron Huffnagle. Of note, Ron The Gambler is MIA again, despite the month or so layoff since the last podcast.

TDA says he’s happy to be back, but is also upset to be back, as he would rather be playing right now. TDA then pays his respects to Dale Hawerchuk and sends out his condolences to all of Hawerchuk’s friends and family.

TDA says it was a tough series for the Rangers in the qualifying round. TDA says at least the Rangers got the first overall pick of the 2020 NHL Draft out of it. Glass half-full baby! TDA also brings up the experience the NYR crew gained, despite the crushing loss.

Of note here, by the way TDA was talking during this episode, the same TDA who is a restricted free agent right now, he’s talking as if he plans on continuing his career with the Rangers. As mentioned a bunch of times on this site already, TDA wants to 100% stay with the Rangers and I believe that if given a respectable contract offer to stay, TDA will stay in New York.

TDA says he doesn’t want to talk much about the Rangers loss to Carolina. TDA then mentions the Aho goal against him. (TDA doesn’t bring up his injury as an excuse here. In fact, TDA’s injury was never brought up once on this podcast.) TDA says he’s seen a little of Alexis Lafreniere and his games with Team Canada.

As we’ve all said, including DeAngelo himself, the loss to Carolina doesn’t feel so bad now, with the Rangers winning the Lafreniere powerball! Photo Credit: NBC Sports

After talking NYR vs Carolina, TDA then moves the talk to the first round of the NHL Playoffs. (This was recorded on Tuesday evening, prior to Vegas eliminating Chicago. As mentioned on the podcast, this podcast was recorded during Game 4 of the NYI/WSH series.)

TDA & crew mention how Chicago have been playing well, despite VGK leading the series (at the time) 3-1. The boys then talk about the huge trade VGK made for Alec Martinez. Ugh, that’s a name that will live in Rangers infamy forever. TDA says he’s surprised Robin Lehner is starting and how he himself, is a “one-goalie” guy. He feels Marc-Andre Fleury should be the starter and doesn’t understand the flip-flopping of goalies. The guys then mention how MAF has always played well, but always seems to find himself being replaced in the playoffs, bringing up MAF’s days in Pittsburgh, where Matt Murray took the job from him. (Ironically, it looks like Tristan Jarry will be replacing Murray in Pittsburgh now.)

The next series the guys look at is Montreal vs Philadelphia, as they all mention how great Carter Hart has been. They feel that the Flyers have been the better team and bring up the scoring woes of the Habs. Lou DeAngelo feels you need to win ugly to win a Stanley Cup & the Flyers have won some ugly games in this series.

Up next is talk on Calgary vs Dallas and how Calgary has given away some games late in this series. The crew mentions what I’ve been saying – Calgary’s power-play has been disappointing, if not out-right dismal. The boys then talk about the job Khudobin has done in net for Dallas. TDA brings up the physical line that Calgary has and how Calgary has been hurting ever since Tkachuk went down with an injury. TDA says while people smack-talk Tkachuk, every team in the league would want Tkachuk on their roster. (If anything, Tukachuk is basically Wayne Simmonds in his prime. Everyone loved to hate Simmonds, but everyone would’ve loved an in-his-prime Simmonds on their team.)

The talk then diverts into the upcoming Seattle Kraken expansion draft and how they all look forward to seeing what players make the protected lists of each franchise. After talking about Seattle’s future, the next series talked about is Tampa vs Columbus. The crew gives heavy praise for Seth Jones & Joonas Korpisalo. (Again, this was recorded prior to CBJ’s elimination on Wednesday afternoon.) TDA says CBJ has played well, but Tampa is just deeper. TDA says that Tampa has arguably the best goalie in the league, in Andrei Vasilevskiy, and says that because Vasilevskiy plays for a great team, he doesn’t get enough attention.

Huff & Lou DeAngelo then bust Tony’s balls about the recent work from NYR lame-stream reporter Vince Mercogliano. (Refer to my past blogs on why I think Vince Mercogliano has an agenda. In short here, Mercogliano has written a ton of words, praising Jacob Trouba for just tweeting out “BLM”. During this same time, Mercogliano has gone out of his way to ignore every story about Henrik Lundqvist donating his time and meals to various members of the NYPD. Can’t have it both ways folks! CHALLENGE THE MEDIA!)

Again, going back to politics here, Lundqvist’s charitable efforts with the NYPD have all been ignored by the NYR lame-stream media. So much for being fair and unbiased! I’m not even a fan of Lundqvist the player or Lundqvist the contract and I bring this story up all the time!

Mercogliano recently wrote an article, where he suggested that TDA be traded to nearly every team in the league. Lou DeAngelo laughs about it. Tony is quick to say he likes Vince, because I guess Tony has enough enemies as it is. Tony says he didn’t like Mercogliano’s trade ideas, but he thinks Mercogliano is a good guy. And while Tony didn’t say it, I’ll say it – the Rangers are out of the playoffs. Mercogliano was given a break already during this pandemic. He has to fill space somehow, even if it’s with silly trade scenarios. Click-bait sells baby!

TDA then brings up the Boston vs Carolina series and the overwhelming third period Boston had in Game 4. Lou and Tony give high praise for David Krejci. TDA feels sometimes Krejci doesn’t get enough credit, due to the great roster Boston has. The crew then praise Long Island’s own, in a one Charlie McAvoy. TDA hopes Jordan Staal will be okay and calls Marc Staal’s brother a good guy. The crew feels Boston is just deeper and has the experience to make a run here in 2020. TDA says he doesn’t see any of the teams that were up 3-1 losing their respective series. Brother Lou agrees, while Huff wonders about CBJ. (Of note, while talking about the Bruins here, no mention of Tuukka Rask, which really, is the biggest story of this series.)

The talk then goes to the Colorado vs Arizona series. TDA is shocked about how bad Arizona has looked, saying they have a great team. Lou mentions how great Colorado plays and how Arizona doesn’t forecheck as well. TDA thinks Colorado’s power-play is the best PP of the remaining teams in the playoffs right now. In a crazy stat, Lou & Huff mention how McDavid has the most points of the playoffs thus far, despite playing six less games than everyone else still active.

Up next is talk about St. Louis vs Vancouver, with TDA saying this has been the best series of the playoffs so far. TDA is right on the money here. TDA mentions how physical these games have been. TDA brings up, like Calgary, how Vancouver could’ve had a 3-1 lead in this series. The trio of hosts then laud heavy praise on Quinn Hughes. TDA feels this series could go seven games. TDA says, that due to the Blues run last year, that being down 0-2 didn’t phase them. Lou brings up Bradyen Schenn and says “if you haven’t broken a few twigs over the bench, you haven’t played hockey.” NOW THAT’S A SLOGAN FOR A T-SHIRT!

The talk then diverts a bit here, as all three hosts love how hard these guys are playing and the reactions of players during these games. This stuff echos what I’ve said before – it doesn’t matter if fans are there or not, these guys are there to play and are giving it their all.

My Stanley Cup Final bracket is already busted! SAD!

Finally, the talk goes to Washington vs the Isles, with everyone praising the play of Mat Barzal. TDA believes that Washington doesn’t look like the team they used to be. TDA says losing Backstrom hurts for the Caps. TDA says the Isles are doing what they do well, while the Caps aren’t doing what they do well. Not mentioned here – Barry Trotz and how great coaching has swung this series. (Of note, this podcast was recorded during Game 4 of Caps/Isles. At this moment of the podcast, TDA mentions how the Isles were up 2-0. Thank you Ovi!)

Huff then talks about the deep lines these teams have and how it’s important to have a physical line. TDA mentions how he knows that when he’s on the ice, he knows what players are going to hit him. TDA says you have to make plays and be willing to get hit. TDA says the Caps might win another Cup in the future with their core, but doesn’t see it happening this year. I don’t know how you can’t mention the job Trotz has done and how the Caps have fallen since Ted Leonsis got cheap with the purse-strings.

TDA then does some bar-room debate talk, asking his partners, if you could have one NHL defenseman to start your team with, who would it be? TDA asks his co-hosts to choose from one of the following d-men: Charlie McAvoy, Cale Makar and Quinn Hughes. Lou says Makar. Huff agrees. TDA agrees with his co-hosts and says he would take Makar too.

After the defensemen debate, the talk then turns into Phase 2 of the NHL Draft Lottery and the ping-pong ball that will be remembered by Rangers fans for years to come.

Every Ranger fan should be looking forward to seeing this photoshop become a reality. Photo Credit: TSN

TDA talks about his tweets when the draft lottery took place live. The three then laugh about the Leafs ball bouncing off the chute twice. They also talk about the rigged rumors. Lou asks TDA where he is, regarding taking Lafreniere out for dinner. TDA says he’s not saying anything until Lafreniere is signed. (TDA doesn’t mention his own status here, as again, everyone assumes he’s staying with NYR.) TDA brings up his own story when he was drafted and then the day when he was traded from Tampa to Arizona. TDA talks about his phone calls with general managers Steve Yzerman & John Chayka. The three then talk about how this 2020 NHL Draft will be a virtual draft and how different it will be from past years. TDA then laughs about the job Roger Goodell did with the recent NFL draft.

Up next is a segment where Lou asks TDA questions written out by fans. TDA is asked if he would take less money to stay with the Rangers. TDA jokes, and says, “what is this guy trying to do, get me in trouble with my agent?” As if TDA’s agent doesn’t have enough issues of late! TDA says “I’ll let the silence answer for me, but I do love New York though. We’ll see what happens.” Lou then says, “we’re trying to get paid!” Wow.

Tony is then asked about playing in the bubble. TDA says the food was good. TDA says the bubble wasn’t fun, because of the result with the Rangers. TDA says it was great for team bonding though. TDA praises the job the NHL has done.

TDA is then asked about the end of “The Sopranos”. TDA says he hopes Tony Soprano didn’t die. He hopes Tony Soprano beat the charges against him.

We need TDA & JD to get to talkin’!

Lou then talks about his favorite memory of his brother playing. Lou mentions how he was once the better player of the brothers and the day when his dad stopped watching Lou’s games and started watching Tony’s games. (The games took place at the same time.)

As mentioned in the past, if you get anything out of Lou DeAngelo, whether it’s on social media or on these podcasts, it is that Lou DeAngelo is Tony DeAngelo’s biggest fan. He’ll do anything for his brother. It’s commendable, although it is getting TDA into some perceived trouble. TDA then talks about the point in time where he knew that he would become an NHLer. TDA talks about his progress into becoming a full-time NHLer.

TDA then plugs the new t-shirts that the podcast is selling.

TDA’s final thought of the podcast concerns Tatis, and hitting a grand-slam during a 3-0 count. TDA brings up the silly “unwritten rules” in baseball. TDA is right on the money here – who knew Tatis was going to hit a home-run? (And this is me saying it – baseball relies on stats more than any other sport. In a shortened season, why not go for grand-slam?) TDA says when you’re out there competing, you just play. TDA says “there are no freebies in sports” and how he is sick of the participation trophy nonsense. Amen.

Ironically, TDA also says here, that you don’t need to talk about stuff in the media. Of all the people!

TDA thanks everyone for listening and says how “Watch Your Tone” will continue to release podcasts weekly. The show then closes off with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, in an ode to “The Sopranos.”

Overall, a great return episode, with some newsworthy quotes from Tony DeAngelo.

In wrapping up on TDA here, I hope someone close to him tells him to limit his social media activity. And it’s a shame too. NYR fans are desperately clamoring for players to be more interactive with them, and no one is more interactive than TDA. When NYR players, or hockey players in general, look at what goes on with DeAngelo, why would any of these players deal with Twitter scum? It’s better to stay quiet. Rational fans are being dealt a blow here.

As written on previous blogs, I want Lafreniere to wear #22, so I can rip off that Shattenkirk plate off of my #22 NYR jersey!

During my last three blogs, I talked about how stupid it would be for the Rangers to trade away the #1 pick of the 2020 NHL draft. One rumor that has made all the click-bait sites, is NYR trading pretty much the rights to Lafreniere to Ottawa, for Ottawa’s two first round picks of the NHL Draft, which are the #3 and #5 picks. In addition, Brady Tkachuk would be tossed in too.

On Monday, August 17th, Ottawa Sun reporter, in Bruce Garrioch dispelled all rumors, after getting a statement from Ottawa Senator owner, Eugene Melynk. You can read that article here: https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/garrioch-the-ottawa-senators-wont-be-moving-their-no-3-and-no-5-selections

In short, Melnyk basically said there was no way in hell such a trade would happen, nor is it even being proposed.

It’s just a shame the NHL Draft won’t take place until October 9th, because until then, you’ll have a ton of click-bait and silly trade scenarios littering the internet.

Moving on, as this blog is going way too long already. I just wanted to give some quick shots on the NHL playoffs.

The Bruins have flushed Carolina out of the playoffs.

After a qualifying round of upsets, the cream is rising to the top in the first round of the NHL playoffs.

As I write these words to you now, half of the teams that were given a qualifying round bye into the first round of the playoffs, in the Vegas Golden Knights, the Colorado Avalanche, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins, have all advanced into the second round. Each of these teams won their respective series by four games to one.

Of the four qualifying round bye teams remaining, the Washington Capitals look to be in the most jeopardy, as they trail their series to the Islanders, by a tally of 1-3. The Flyers currently lead the Canadiens 3-2. The Stars lead the Flames 3-2 as well. The St. Louis Blues, the current reigning and defending Stanley Cup Champions, are down 3-2 in their series with the Vancouver Canucks. However, that series seems destined to go seven games.

The biggest news, at least when it comes to the Rangers, is that Carolina is now out of the playoffs. With the Canes now out, the Rangers will at least add the 24th overall pick of the NHL draft, along with their first overall pick of the 2020 NHL Draft. Thank you Brady Skjei!

If anything, it’s in the best interest of the Rangers for the teams that were qualifying teams of the playoffs to win. That will increase NYR’s odds to at least land the 20th overall pick of the draft. (Unfortunately, that includes the Islanders. However, Father Fink that, I hope the Caps pull off a historic upset here!)

Once the first round of the NHL playoffs are complete, I’ll return with a quick recap of each series and preview the second round of the playoffs.

We got two huge games on the docket for tonight!

You know who I’m rooting for tonight – Let’s Go Caps and Let’s Go Flames! In Cam We Trust!

If you haven’t already, subscribe to this blog for the next update:

If the Flames don’t advance and with Torts now out, I’ll be jumping on the Tampa Bay bandwagon. I got all the respect in the world for CAPTAIN MAC! Photo Credit: Getty Images

As far as the next blog, unless something crazy happens, like Tony DeAngelo going to the basement of some troll and turning that troll into a skid-mark, I’ll be back once the first round of the NHL playoffs is complete.

As always here, thanks for reading and…




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  1. Agree
    Tony D is one f@# joke away from a demotion to Siberia and these robotic offendatrons are watching his every move now just waiting for him to slip up and say anything they can have a self righteous spasm over or use as justification for his deletion.
    I mean look at this crap with Mibury!
    Is he done now, will he be canceled too?
    The main source of this “cancel culture” is not outraged marginalized people or leftists, it is coming from and being sanctioned by the elite in society that the left is now hauling water for……ironically
    All of this incredibly divisive shite going on in society today is about charts like this one below and it is no coincidence that the acceleration of all this civil unrest and cancel culture began soon after the 2008 global banking collapse.
    The best way I can explain it is to paraphrase historian Antony Sutton…….it is an entrenched elite using the left and an underclass to crush the middle class…..the middle class to whom all the debts and unfunded liabilities are owed…….and the reason is we are now facing an epic global economic meltdown like no other before it in human history and a crisis that was first created by central and investment banking elites beginning in the 1970’s and has been building up to this next and greatest historical economic collapse ever since.

    1. I’m glad to see TDA has taken a break from Twitter, as he hasn’t said anything since that incident. He should leave it that way. He’s a target from these cretins and they are foaming at the mouth to nail him. Sadly, in this world, corporations & teams will cater to liberal crocodile tears.

      Thanks for that link. Now look, Milbury is canceled.

      1. Sean
        Government does not begin in the White House or in the Parliaments of the EU or the like…….governments start at the central banks and the rest is no more valid than kayfabe in professional wrestling and people like Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Nixon, Carter, Kennedy are no more than Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Gorilla Monsoon or Haystacks Calhoun…..Bruno Sammartino……yea I am that old………..while the real show is being scripted by central bankers……think Rothschilds and Rockefellers in the place of Vince Mcmahon

        They have been aware that we would eventually face this epic economic crisis since the 1970’s and they created it much to their benefit so if you were them what would you do?……….turn everyone against everyone while specifically attacking the people to whom all the unfunded liabilities are owed?

        Cancel culture is strictly about social engineering…….its about using the left and an underclass to squash the people they fear most, the educated middle class now that their self serving ponzi schemes are finally and inevitably coming undone…….we are in a massive global depression yet the stock markets keep taking out the highs?……..that is because all the buying of stocks is coming from the central banks in what is now a fatal feed back ponzi loop

        Read historian’s Carrol Quigley and Antony Sutton and about the history of central and investment banking

        I hope they can keep this charade going for at least another 20 years because at that point I am liable to be deceased but I am not counting on it and I dont want to live through what will be a global era of Weimer Germany

        For 5000 years of human economic history governments have tried to create wealth out of nothing and it has never worked one single time…….if it did work we would still be using the Roman denarius as currency………starting in the 1970’s ALL governments have been trying this and the history of fiat currencies before they collapse is usually around 40 years……..so here we are and TPTB do know this.


        1. I’m well aware of Bruno and Haystacks, although I was never alive to see them work. (I did go to Bruno’s HOF thing at M$G tho!)

          We need corporations and advertisers to say NO to cancel culture. If they don’t it will continue. I’ll check out this link you sent in a few too.

      2. Sean
        These subjects are heavy and most people don’t follow central and investment banking, currency markets, derivatives, structured finance and other impossibly leveraged markets so they dont understand……..and the people that do understand, the experts wave their hands and say…….everything is ok………..situation normal…….but think of this…..in all of mankind’s economic history there has never been one single example of bank imposed “negative interest rates” but after the last global banking collapse suddenly we start seeing “negative interest rates” being pitched as financially utilitarian…….what a great idea……..so in alternative financial analysis people like me are thinking……..Jesus, no way they can pitch negative rates!!!….. because that would defy all of economic history…….but they need to in order to keep the ponzi going so they did……..and this was immediately accepted globally throughout government, media and academic finance as some new valid theory…….something that has not even existed for all of mankind’s economic history for the obvious reasons…….there is now trillions of negative yielding debt in the world when in a timeline just 10 years ago and going back to the ever line there was NONE……mull that over

        Remember interest rates and that type of math would not confuse even people from ancient times…….they knew about futures, forward contracts, interest rates…….hell a guy figured out how far the moon was from the earth within like a 10 percent margin of error in ancient times…….so where does this new thinking come from……..it comes from neccesity…….from expedience…….TPTB need it so now negative rates are miraculously utilitarian, viable, necessary, sensible, a great idea…….when ANYBODY should intuitively know they are NOT

        We are in the end stage of a 100 year ponzi scheme that began when private interests took over the Federal Reserve in 1913……..the same private interests that have been running the worlds central banks for several hundred years

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